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About Us

Learn more about our remarkable orgins.

Technical Expertise

We are committed to education, internally and externally. We stay ahead of current trends to help you get where you need to go.

Artistic Dedication

Our skill influences mood through design, telling your story with adherence to brand excellence and emphasizing what you want to say.

Project Planning

Project and scope planning are integral to ensure our work is remarkable, efficient, and on budget. Watch our teams’ progress in real-time.

Transparent Communication

Good communication is more than immediate, it triggers appropriate responses. Asynchronous communication keeps you in the know.

Heather has been running Authentically since 2016 after a career as an educator, marketer, and artist. Focused on small businesses, she strove to build systems that educate and serve small businesses compete in their marketplaces with style.

Heather Murphy founded Authentically in 2016 with a focus on services, education, and coaching. Heather has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and has spoken and taught thousands her secrets to success. She boasts a track record of moving clients from $200 in sales to $20,000 in one month, 300% to 370% annual growth, and the launch of hundreds of successful businesses.

Amin is an engineer turned marketer with keen attention to detail. His passion lies in helping entrepreneurs tame tech. Through constant learning and applying, he’s able to keep his clients ahead of the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

Amin Ahmed founded Wellness Marketing to serve clients in the Wellness Industry. He helps clients discover their zone of genius and turn it into a profitable venture through website development and marketing services with a background in engineering and a mindset on wellness and excellence, Amin has built a name for himself in sales funnels, efficient tech stacks, and keen attention to detail.

Affectionately deemed “the glitter and the geek” by their clients, Heather and Amin are dedicated to helping you build your influential brand. Aligned in strategy and with complementary skill-sets, their collaboration began in 2020. In 2021, Remarkable Branding was formed to provide design excellence with technical expertise and a suite of marketing services and educational resources to support your growth.



We are a Canadian-based branding and marketing agency. We provide boutique marketing services designed to help you grow a more profitable and influential brand. We are here to advocate for you – identifying your unique edge so you can make your mark. You have a vision, and we are here to bring it to life with authenticity and technical expertise.

Together, let’s create something everyone will be talking about!

Our Philosophy

Heather is passionate about psychology and neuroscience Amin is an expert in technical efficiency and user experience. Together, we can design an experience we believe will increase your profitability exponentially.


We take a deep dive into your philosophy and your motivator. You have a passion-driven business – and our plan work will echo your core values.


What you offer is incredibly important. We are thrilled at the revenue-generating potential of your new offers. We want to help you maximize potential by exploring other opportunities and making it easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for.


Once we understand your goals on a deeper level it is important to conduct client research.

Who is your ideal client? What kinds of experiences are they looking to have? What are their purchasing behaviours? What is a day in their life like? Where are they online? What kind of experience do we want to give them online? We believe you have done much of this research and can provide valuable insight into this.


How you bring forward your offers and the funnels designed to capture leads are measurable. We define a plan and we measure data to optimize our approach.

Understanding what motivates your audience allows us to come up with an efficient strategy that provides measurable results.

It will feel like you, and it will be maximized for sales.


Our Leadership team is here to support your online needs through developing a clear understanding of your project goals, project planning and excellent execution.

Amin Ahmed

Amin Ahmed

CEO | Partner

Heather Murphy

Heather Murphy

Creative Director | Partner

Shailla Ahmed

Shailla Ahmed

COO | Partner

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