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Thank you, Randy!

There are some exciting things going on with Kujo’s Kid Zone, and for Kujo (you!) himself. We are so excited about the evolution and that you have considered us to help support your growth. As you’ve gotten on YouTube Kids, Kidoodle, and soon Sensical – we know your viewership will increase and we want to support you to get more engagement out of viewers, keeping eyes on what you’re doing, and to help you monetize your efforts.

Some possible ways for you to monetize your business are by making ESL and public event bookings easy to find and capture, adding merchandise to your website, and building an email marketing list. In addition, adding a Patreon account, optimizing the SEO on the videos themselves and cleaning up the brand itself can help you swing harder in the big leagues.



In order to deeply understand your objectives and capitalize on the plans you have already made, we will need to get up to speed with your plans and provide an outline of how we would like to move forward to build Kujo’s personal brand and the brand of Kujo’s Kid Zone to transform your business into a revenue-driving model over 2022. A research and discovery phase will allow us to get to know you, stakeholders, and key audiences which will allow you to advance your platform.

Investment: $1,500

We suggest beginning with a $1,500 retainer that will cover the first ten hours of work. We will kick this off with an interview with key stakeholders and in a review of past materials prepared for and by your team. Afterwards, we will begin our research to outline the following.

In this plan we will outline:

  1. Market research
  2. Site structure recommendations
  3. Marketing strategy recommendations

As mentioned in our initial call, we provide boutique marketing services. In order to provide you with exactly what you need. Once we complete the Discovery Phase, we will have a deeper understanding of the scope of this project and your team will minimize risk by understanding our approach, style, and team.



In the past, we have talked about simplifying your brand. Defining shapes, colours, fonts and a look and feel that is quintessentially you. I would like to take the iconic “Kujo” and take it to the next level as a more adorable cartoon character (kind of like he-who-shall-not-be-named) has done with his. Right now it’s a digital drawing but it’s not stylized in line with the brightness of the characters in the show.

Investment: $1000


  1. Logo
  2. Moodboard
  3. Defined elements and fonts
  4. Business cards and stationery


    You’ve expressed dissatisfaction with your current website. Making a great first impression is critical. A well-crafted website will help you earn trust and credibility with your audience while supporting you in growing your business.

    Our websites are developed to be easy to manage without any coding experience. In addition, ensuring your website is scalable is of utmost importance to us. Gone are the days of starting from scratch!

    Investment: $4500

    • Built for speed
    • Mobile-first design
    • Unlimited pages
    • 7 professionally designed layouts
    • Easy to navigate
    • SEO ready
    • Built for conversion

    Providing ongoing support is important to us. As such, we require a 6-month commitment on our Web Care plans.

    For your project, we recommend:

    Pro8 Web Care Package (free upgrade from Pro3) for the first six months

    $985 $440/month includes:

    • hosting, security, automatic updates, daily backups
    • ongoing optimization for speed
    • up to 8 hours of support for optimizations, training, design or website edits (additional support at $150/hr)
    • monthly SEO and performance reporting

    Website Upgrade Packages


    Whether you’re selling online or simply need a robust online catalogue, our e-commerce add-on can help. Your new “store” will include a searchable database of products, a detailed product listing page, and the ability to order online. As you currently do not have products to sell and are looking to add print-on-demand options, we will set up up to ten items and add them directly to your store. That’s not all. Once it is set up, we will train you how to use it.

    Investment: + 1500

      3. Marketing

      Marketing your business well can be done in tandem with the Remarkable Team. We ask for one month’s fees to set it all up and get it all going – and for a six-month commitment. It takes time to generate results and effective social strategy takes consistency and strategy. The following is our recommended package that we believe best suits your goals.

      Growth Plan Investment: 1,500/month:

      • First month = onboarding, audit, setup (design, channels)
      • Creating up to 20 image posts per month
      • Posting 5 days per week on up to 3 channels (eg. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
      • Quarterly strategy call
      • Bi-Weekly coaching call
      • 2 newsletters per month

      Our approach

      When we take on a client, we take the time to really understand who you are and who you are marketing to in order to facilitate a revenue-generating conversation. 

      Heather is passionate about psychology and neuroscience. Amin is an expert in technical efficiency and user experience. Together, we can design an experience we believe will increase your profitability exponentially.  

      WHY: We take a deep dive into your philosophy and your motivator. You have a passion-driven business – and our plan work will echo your core values.  

      WHO: Once we understand your goals on a deeper level it is important to conduct client research. Who is your ideal client? What kinds of experiences are they looking to have? What are their purchasing behaviors? What is a day in their like? Where are they online? What kind of experience do we want to give them online? We believe you have done much of this research and can provide valuable insight into this. 

      WHAT: What you offer is incredibly important. We are thrilled at the revenue generating potential of your new offers. We want to help you maximize potential by exploring other opportunities and making it easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for.  

      HOW: How you bring forward your offers and the funnels designed to capture leads are measurable. We define a plan and we measure data to optimize our approach. 

      Understanding what motivates your audience allows us to come up with an efficient strategy that provides measurable results. It will feel like you, and it will be maximized for sales.

      next steps

      We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with you to expand and elevate your services in terms of your brand, website, and overall marketing strategy. We see excellence in you and your business model and know that we can add unparalleled support in terms of understanding your audience and possess the technical proficiency to create a lasting impression which provides a concrete return on investment.

      We look forward to hearing from you to get started on your project.

      -Amin & Heather