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Amin Ahmed

Amin Ahmed

Partner | Engineer

Amin is an engineer turned marketer with keen attention to detail. His passion lies in helping entrepreneurs tame tech. Through constant learning and applying, he’s able to keep his clients ahead of the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

Amin Ahmed founded Wellness Marketing to serve clients in the Wellness Industry. He helps clients discover their zone of genius and turn it into a profitable venture through website development and marketing services with a background in engineering and a mindset on wellness and excellence, Amin has built a name for himself in sales funnels, efficient tech stacks, and keen attention to detail.



Heather Murphy

Heather Murphy

Partner | Intuitive Brand Designer

Heather has been running Authentically since 2016 after a career as an educator, marketer, and artist. Focused on small businesses, she strove to build systems that educate and serve small businesses compete in their marketplaces with style.

Heather Murphy founded Authentically in 2016 with a focus on services, education, and coaching. Heather has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and has spoken and taught thousands her secrets to success. She boasts a track record of moving clients from $200 in sales to $20,000 in one month, 300% to 370% annual growth, and the launch of hundreds of successful businesses.

Once upon a time… there were two solopreneurs with great business ideas who had been gathering momentum alone. They didn’t know each other existed, and they didn’t know they needed each other. 

Heather Murphy had been working in branding since 2010. At that time, she did freelance work and graphic design as she gave birth to three children. In 2015 she was hired as a content strategist for a marketing agency. In 2016, Heather stepped out on her own determined to advocate for startups, minorities, and female entrepreneurs with an education focus through her new company, Authentically: Branding & Design. If her clients could not afford her to do the services they needed, Heather would teach them everything she knew to see them thrive. She doubled her salary year after year, but what was most invigorating was seeing the results her clients had and building relationships with the community. 

Meanwhile, in Edmonton Amin Ahmed had been working as an electrical engineer and was earning a great income, but his mental and physical health took a toll. He began to learn how to engineer great website and dove into the world of marketing and advertising. He took the leap and left his career, and was immediately hired as a consultant from the company where he had been working! He started a web development and marketing company and then became passionate about Wellness companies and started Wellness Marketing to help companies make an impact in their unique market segments. 

Heather was missing some of the technical expertise she needed in her company and was more passionate about brands, brand development, and the connection between brand and consumer. Amin was missing design expertise and was building highly functional websites that needed more pizazz. 

Then, along came a client who hired Amin and Heather separately to work together. Heather was brought in for design, Amin for development. Having never worked this way, Heather dove into the challenge and engaged in meaningful conversations with Amin. Amin learned how much smoother a development could go with great copy and design, and a consumer-first approach. Heather was amazed by the technical implementation and professionalism Amin brought to the table. With weekly calls over the course of a year, Heather and Amin developed a rapport they both weren’t expecting. 

Then, came the requests. 

“Heather, can I hire you to design this gift certificate for my client?”

“Amin, do you know how to set up an online community?”

“Heather, Do you have any ideas on how I can make this look better?”

“Amin, this portion of my client’s website is glitching and I can’t figure it out, can you help?”

Before long, the two were having trouble completing any of their usual work without consulting one another. Aligned in strategy and with complementary skill-sets, their collaboration began in 2020. In 2021, Remarkable Branding was formed to provide design excellence with technical expertise and a suite of marketing services and educational resources to support your growth.

Today, Remarkable Branding is an agency of branding and marketing professionals lead by our founders, Heather and Amin. We provide boutique marketing services designed to help you grow a more profitable and influential brand. We are here to advocate for you – identifying your unique edge so you can make your mark. You have a vision, and we are here to bring it to life with authenticity and technical expertise. Together, let’s create something everyone will be talking about!

The Glitter & The Geek

Affectionately deemed “the glitter and the geek” by their clients, Heather and Amin are dedicated to helping you build your influential brand. Aligned in strategy and with complementary skill-sets, their collaboration began in 2020.