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They came to us when they were ready to expand and were too bogged down with manual tasks. When someone contacted them, they had to contact an artist, and the client, and a long back-and-forth ensued. Their website was not mobile friendly, they didn’t have reliable support, and they could not make tweaks or adjustments themselves. As they prepared to open a Toronto location and take on a new partner, they needed to be able to scale.

After a strategy session, we were tasked with a brand refresh, website development, and ongoing marketing, design and technical support.


Evolve the look and feel: The brand needed to reflect the original essence of the hand-painted logo originally created by the founder with a contemporary edge that would be carried out through the development.

Find a Shipping Solution: This was one of the biggest challenges of this project. Artists from different locations ship to buyers in different locales. Our team researched and troubleshooted ways to calculate shipping cost accurately until a solution was found.

Reduce Manual Labour: Initially, when someone was interested in a work of art, there was no way to show it was reserved and the back and forth between artist and clients could take weeks. Now, the majority of the systems are automated. A move to asynchronous communication means the art match team has very little hands-on work to do to sell a piece.

Responsiveness: Whenever we develop a website we ensure it is responsive to a multitude of sizes. Building a responsive site fell naturally into our workflow.

Fine Details: On top of updating the look and feel, our team added little touches of excellence such as placing a red dot next to reserved works – just like in an art gallery.


The result of our brand update and new website design means a website that is more intuitive for buyers and artists. The artists find the site beautiful and significantly easier to use. Many more artists are listing their works on the site and notably more work is selling. The sales process, another reflection of brand excellence, is less clunky and requires less human contact. The clients are educated on how their site works and able to update more frequently the things they want to change. One of the most important results is the confidence we see in this client to pay for ads which drives significant traffic to their site.

Remarkable has provided our online gallery business with integrated support through brand evaluation and refresh, website redesign and delivery, and ongoing marketing support and technical maintenance of our website. They are great listeners and combine creative and technical expertise to offer holistic solutions which are relevant to our business, which their team then executes with quality and attention to detail.

We appreciate their ability to filter complicated requests – whether digital marketing or web development – into straightforward solutions which are user-friendly and manageable even for us non-technical folks.

Rishi Mida
Partner | ArtMatch