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Kellie Beattie came to us when she was near launching her website with a few hold-ups that were keeping her from crossing the finish line. It is challenging to write about oneself, and Kellie needed help with her page content and her services page. She was also looking to book more speaking engagements and was not sure if her speaker package was up to par.

After a strategy call with Kellie, we determined that we would take the content she had and give her a cohesive brand voice for her about and services page, update her logo to match her brand and rework her speaker package to be a good representation of how both she and her business has evolved – with a focus on getting in front of more people.


Sister Brands: Some of the design aesthetic varied from product to product so we brought them into alignment with the core brand by creating sister branded products.

Website Copywriting: We took the copy she provided for her website and other pieces that described her. We determined a goal for each page and crafted the copy with her original voice. We removed any passive language and added more confidence and strength to reflect how Kellie comes off in person – knowledgeable, competent and caring. Once complete, we workshopped it with the client until she could send it to her web developer.

Logo Refresh: For this logo refresh, we wanted to keep the brand’s original spirit. The original logo showed momentum and moving pieces and had a lovely red colour palette. We simplified the icon, kept the colour palette, and determined clean, modern typefaces that reflect the class and elegance of the business owner.

Speaker Profile: Our team workshopped the content on Kellie’s speaker profile and compared it to top speakers in the field. We sent the content to Kellie for feedback, and once we got the glowing thumbs up, we designed it with the same momentum as her logo and website content. Now she has a content offer and a profile to pitch her services confidently as she grows her business.


Beyond Connections Consulting was able to their website within a week after deliverables were sent. We created a gift of launch images for Kellie to share her new site and vision, and she was able to share them with like-minded professionals on PowHerHouse. Her website was featured in a monthly newsletter, and most importantly – Kellie has been able to relaunch her brand confidently.

Huge gratitude to Heather and her team for assisting me with my refresh.

I engaged Remarkable Branding Co. in my website content creation
and speaker’s package.

They captured my ideas, engaged in an in-depth discovery process and produced a fantastic content result and a crisp new logo design.

They truly listened and captured the essence of
Beyond Connections Consulting.

Kellie Beattie
Owner | Beyond Connections Consulting