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Boreal Health came to us with the concept of launching a clinic in Prince Albert that not only offered cosmetic injections, but therapeutic ones. There is no clinic of its kind in the area. She had no brand, no website, and struggled with ideas for how to market her new business.

After her strategy session, it was determined we would help her build a brand, a website, and run marketing to get business in her door. With a combination of traditional and non-traditional marketing we adapted her strategy to be more in line with her launch budget part way through. As a nurse, she had little to no experience in marketing and needed the confidence to start marketing herself.


Brand Development: We interviewed the client and got a feel for her style. We developed a logo that incorporated her passion for nature and vintage aesthetic with a play on the needle of a tree in the Boreal forest and a needle for injections. The result is classy and clean.

Content Creation: We worked with the client to take the information she gave us, shape it for the web, and incorporated her feedback.

Website Development: We designed a website based on the collaborative content for her approval and made adjustments necessary before building her site on our development platform. We reviewed mobile responsiveness and quality control before getting her feedback.

Postcard Mail Out: As Boreal Health was new to the area, we did a mailout to the affluent areas of Prince Albert and the areas where clientele may be needing some therapeutic injections. One side of the postcard focused on beauty and the other side on therapy.

Social Media Templates: We determined her content categories and designed a number of social media posts and templates to keep her marketing consistent and robust.

Working with a budget: Initially we were to run social media campaigns for the first six months of her business. As her doors opened, the budget had to adapt to launch costs. Instead, we moved to Google Local Marketing to focus on getting people in the doors and less of a social presence – which the client then worked on herself.

Google Local Marketing: We set up a Google Business Profile and did several months of Google Local Marketing to get her new location to show up in search results.


Not only does Boreal Health have a beautiful brand that represents the owner’s style and aesthetic, she is set up to market on a variety of platforms and has built local awareness. She is booking customers, has increased local awareness, and built confidence to market herself.

The team at Remarkable Branding is just that – a team. They are a
cohesive unit that moves you through the process of making your
business desirable to potential customers. They are savvy to new
technology, creative with their pitch, ideas and are soooo, so talented!

The energy that they exhibit is massively impressive and I highly
recommend them to any new or established business owner.

Tanya Miller
Owner | Boreal Health