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Kavita has a vision to help women in midlife rediscover themselves. Her quality of content was high and aligned with her work ethic. The problem was that she wasn’t generating revenue off her podcast or online conference. She had a basic web presence, but had no product to sell and was lacking the confidence to market herself, especially on video. She had a vision to build a course and was taking her coaching training.

After a strategy session we determined some goals to help her monetize what she had been doing. We were to help her grow her reach, clarify her web presence, and build an online course with corresponding workbook which she could sell.


Sister Brands: Some of the design aesthetic varied from product to product so we brought them into alignment with the core brand by creating sister branded products.

Social Media Marketing: We ran the social media presence for a year before helping the client build confidence to run it on her own. We followed the principle of building trust. We needed her audience to know, like, and trust her. With any social presence it can take six months or more of consistent posting to build this credibility. This can happen faster over video. As the client became more confident, her audience connected with her more and her sales began to snowball.

Coaching and Consulting: Every week we held a coaching call with this client to discover what was working with her audience and where to make adjustments. Now, our work with her is less frequent, as the foundation has been established.

Course Development: We developed a course platform complete with lessons, videos, and downloadable worksheets. Quizzes were built into the back-end and email sequences established. Clients can purchase or enroll in their course and take it at their own pace.

Website Development: We developed a beautiful website to showcase the podcast, her coaching, and her course. All of it is designed to have them book a consultation with her so she can help get them on the right track.

Audience Research: Through analytics and potential client surveys, we were able to determine one of the biggest pain points for her audience was a lack of confidence. We helped the client build a sequence of emails derived from her course.

Digital Advertising: Through digital advertising, we were able to gain over 1000 subscribers in one month to her mailing list. Followers who signed up for confidence tips stayed on her list, and some have purchased her course.

Workbook: We designed a beautiful fillable workbook for the course that is also print-ready for when the client wants to have keepsake workbooks to sell through her website.


The biggest result of this work with our client is that we were able to take her world-class content and build her a foundation from where she can grow and see her blossom in confidence and the excitement of making sales. We were able to develop products she can sell, see over 1000 subscribers to her newsletter in one month, and over 5,000 downloads of her podcast. She has the confidence now to participate in her marketing and is reaping the rewards in terms of new clientele who have been watching her for months beginning to invest in her products.

I would highly recommend Remarkable Branding if you are looking for an agency with heart, talent, and vision. I hired Heather, Amin and their team to work on launching my online course, my website and social media management. They have continuously gone above and beyond my expectations.

You rarely find a team who has a combination of artistic talent coupled with digital marketing experience and technical expertise. I found that working with Remarkable Branding. When I approached them with my vision for my business, they were quickly able to capture that vision with their marketing talent. They were able to quickly connect with my customers, and develop a strong brand presence.

As a solopreneur, I had a vision for my business and through careful consultation, in depth interviews, and honest feedback, Heather, Amin and their team have developed a beautiful new website for me.

I have a myriad of services including a weekly podcast, an online course, and a new coaching business, and Remarkable is able to adapt quickly to my business’ changing needs. The combination of beautiful artistic talent and savvy technical knowledge make Remarkable branding a pleasure to work with!

Kavita Ahuja
Founder | Power Purpose Play