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We Do Recover came to Remarkable Branding for the launch of their business. They had a small website they had built themselves that was not serving their brand’s purpose. They had no logo and were looking to reach a professional audience and missing the professional-feeling look and messaging. They came to us to help them get started and showcase their credibility as an organization.

In a strategy session, it was determined we would help with content creation, brand design, and website design and development.


Content Creation: At Remarkable, we use a content-first approach. The strategy session created a site map, and a content skeleton was formed. Remarkable provided page structure and workshopped content from the client. Once approved, the content moved into website design.


Brand Design: The client liked clean, simple brands and wanted to have a logo that shared brand similarities with an auto company, Audi. We wanted a strong logo that would work in a long format as well as a square format. We chose black, white, silver, and ice blue as colours to complement the strength of the design. We took some of the symbology from Alcoholics Anonymous, and the concept of recovery is a winding road, paired with the hope and symbol of a chip or coin representing sobriety. When all the elements were distilled to their essence, we created an icon and wordmark representative of their goals and establishing credibility.


Website Design: Once the content was determined and the brand developed, we could move into website design. We incorporated a feel of momentum with graphic elements. Addiction impacts everyone, so we chose images that represented a variety of ages, genders, and economic statuses to show that addiction can hide where it is least expected. We created a feeling of inclusivity, empathy, and hope. We were able to illustrate the messaging through design elements and develop an easy-to-navigate and reassuring site.


Website Development: Once the design was approved, we built the website and tested it for functionality and responsiveness. We did some troubleshooting on ideas and challenges brought to us by the client to build a site that is beautiful and in line with the vision for company expansion.


Advertising Design: The client was so thrilled with the finished product he was immediately able to secure some advertising to bring traffic to the site. We took his copy and concept and designed ads to help generate more leads.


As a result of our work, our client was able to launch a beautiful website that clearly articulates their messaging.

They have built the confidence to advertise to their site, increasing overall awareness and traffic. In their first month, they gained two paying customers and built a steady referral flow.

The team at Remarkable Branding did an amazing job of turning my vision into reality. They provided great insights during the initial strategy session, which they used to develop the brand identity.

This brand was executed flawlessly during the website design and website development. They worked with me to uplift the content to be more SEO-friendly by providing me with volumes of keyword research that I was able to incorporate into my content.

I am extremely happy with the work Heather and Amin have done and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for brand development and website design/development.

Alberto (Bert) Pasqualotto CCAC
Co-Founder | We Do Recover